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Microsoft extends warranty on Xbox Elite 2 controller

Xbox fans are rejoicing after Microsoft announced they are extending the warranty on the Xbox Elite 2 controller from 90 days to a year. This announcement comes after a long history of complaints with the controller.

A recent Microsoft support article states, “We’ve received claims that a small percentage of our customers are experiencing mechanical issues when using their Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. To ensure your satisfaction, we’re extending the warranty coverage period on Elite Series 2 controllers from 90 days to 1 year from the date of purchase.”

The warranty extension will also apply retroactively. Anyone who incurred repair costs to service their Elite Series 2 controller will be issued a refund by Microsoft before October 31st, 2020. The extended warranty is a massive change from the meager 90 days, but it comes after a long history of complaints that has plagued the Elite controller series since its debut in 2015.

The announcement of the extended warranty is rather interesting after the recent revelation that Microsoft is facing a class-action lawsuit for the much too common “drifting joysticks” complaint that appears to affect all Xbox controllers. Although first filed in April, the lawsuit was recently updated to include both the Xbox Elite Controller and Xbox Elite Controller Series 2. The lawsuit seeks monetary compensation along with public injunction.

Xbox game streaming coming to iOS in 2021

After coming to a widely publicized standstill with Apple in regards to bringing their much anticipated cloud gaming service to their platform, it appears that Microsoft is now working on a direct browser-based solution. The evolutionary service, previously known as Project xCloud, is now expected to arrive on iOS and iPadOS devices in 2021.

As reported by Business Insider and The Verge, Xbox head Phil Spencer stated, “We absolutely will end up on iOS. We’ll end up on iPhones, and iPads with Game Pass.” He further commented that he “feels good” about the company’s iOS progress.

While Microsoft was recently able to launch their Xbox cloud gaming service on Android devices for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers, their ambitions for Apple devices was hit with an unfortunate roadblock courtesy of Apple’s App Store policies and guidelines. The main issue was that the tech giant required developers to individually submit their games as separate apps in order to be on a streaming app. This restriction was quite unexpected and rather contradictory in comparison to how other streaming services on the platform function (e.g., Netflix).

While Spencer has yet to address the issue publicly, he did say that there is a long list of “cool things the xCloud team is working on” that includes having xCloud on Xbox consoles and PC, however, these plans are “just a bit further down” the road right now. The Xbox game streaming service is currently expected to arrive on iOS and iPadOS devices in 2021.

Xbox head Phil Spencer says more Xbox consoles are in the works

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Finance, Xbox head Phil Spencer stated that Microsoft is planning to release more gaming consoles following the upcoming launch of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This news may be surprising for some as the gaming industry appears to be on the brink of transitioning to an all-digital, cloud-based future.

Indeed, Spencer confirmed that Microsoft is still planning to develop dedicated gaming hardware, at least in the short term, even though the way the world plays games is rapidly changing with cloud-bases services like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

“In terms of future hardware, absolutely I think we’re going to see more console hardware down the road,” Spencer stated, “Just like in video, just like in music, it’s not that streaming has cut off device innovation. I think we’ll continue to see that, and that’s absolutely what we’re planning for.”

It may be that Microsoft has wisely become more timid in pushing the transition to an all-digital future, after some of their previous previous plans in this regard were not well received. During the launch period of the Xbox One in 2013, Microsoft received heavy backlash over their push for an always online requirement for the Xbox platform. As such, it seems they make have learned their lesson this time around.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will cost $499 and $299 USD, respectively, and are both set to release on November 10th, 2020.

Microsoft confirms $299 Xbox Series S

Microsoft has officially confirmed the existence Of the Xbox Series S. The announcement comes via Twitter and also states that entry-level next-gen console will cost only $299.

Interestingly, Microsoft rushed this announcement out in the middle of the night after a leak that was then followed up by a report from Windows Central followed that detailed the design and price for the Xbox Series S.

No other information about the Xbox Series S has been announced yet, however, pictures confirm it will not have a disc drive.