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Microsoft confirms $299 Xbox Series S

Microsoft has officially confirmed the existence Of the Xbox Series S. The announcement comes via Twitter and also states that entry-level next-gen console will cost only $299.

Interestingly, Microsoft rushed this announcement out in the middle of the night after a leak that was then followed up by a report from Windows Central followed that detailed the design and price for the Xbox Series S.

No other information about the Xbox Series S has been announced yet, however, pictures confirm it will not have a disc drive.

Minecraft getting free upgrade to PlayStation VR this month

Later this month, Minecraft on PS4 will receive a new, free update to support PlayStation VR. The news comes via PlayStation.Blog where Mojang’s Roger Carpenter confirmed that Minecraft for PSVR will be “100% the same Minecraft game” that is available on other platforms. “Nothing removed. 100% wholesome & pure full-fat Minecraft.”

While currently there is no set release date aside from “September 2020”, Mojang did promise that when it has “finished the final bits of polish to the experience, the PSVR support will arrive via a patch for the main Minecraft game.” Per the announcement, everyone who has Minecraft on PS4 will automatically get the patch for PSVR support.

Rockstar Energy Cyberpunk cans come with $1 Xbox gift card

Rockstar Energy now has limited-edition Cyberpunk 2077 cans that taste like samurai and come with a $1 Xbox gift card. The collaboration between CD Projekt Red and Rockstar marks the official debut of the new US-exclusive flavor called “Samurai Cola”. The promotion also includes its own reveal trailer, in which a standard can of Rockstar Energy Drink is hacked and slowly turns into a can of Samurai Cola.

The promotion comes with lots of other prizes for players to look forward to such as digital comics and daily prizes that include brand-new headsets and a brand-new custom car. More details on the promotion are available on the 2077 Rockstar landing page.

Free next-gen upgrades coming to The Witcher 3 for PS5 and Xbox Series X

Arguably the greatest game of the current generation, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with its beautiful landscape and revered storyline, set a new standard for role-playing games. The latest news now reveals you’ll be able to return to The Witcher 3 on next-generation consoles, too. According to an announcement from CD Projekt Red, a free next-gen upgrade will soon be available to most existing owners.

Per the announcement, the upgrade will be available sometime in 2021 and will let those who purchased current generation versions upgrade them to their next-gen counterparts for free. This offer will apply to both Xbox One and PS4 players. PC players will also be able to update their game for free with all the included improvements. There appears to be no upgrade path available for Nintendo Switch owners.

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