Cryptic videos tease a Battlefield 6 announcement coming soon

It seems that DICE and Electronic Arts are preparing for a major announcement for the Battlefield series after some cryptic teaser videos have appeared online. Since 2015, EA has released a new game from Swedish developer DICE every fall, alternating between the Star Wars Battlefront and Battlefield series. At present, it seems that 2020 will be the year to end this pattern with the latest installment for the Battlefield series apparently running longer than the usual schedule for development.

A few recent teases from the Battlefield Twitter account now suggest that fans of the series may not have to wait much longer and that a Battlefield 6 announcement may be happening soon.

The first teaser was last week when Battlefield YouTuber JackFrags uploaded a video that was mostly about Battlefield 5, but ending with the camera zooming in on a pocket watch. Adding more intrigue, Niklas Astrand of DICE acknowledged the ending and responded, “tick tick tick…” This subtle hint seems to suggest that a Battlefield 6 announcement is coming soon.

In addition, a mysterious Twitter account recently appeared online with only a single tweet that is a cryptic video featuring a numerical code that was recently tweeted by a DICE developer. The video also includes music that was discovered by fans to be radio chatter from Battlefield 3 played backwards.

If a Battlefield 6 announcement does happen soon, fans still should not expect the game to launch until late 2021. As for where the announcement could take place, one possibility is the PS5 Showcase event on Wednesday, September 16th. No matter when it does happen, it seems safe to say that it should be sooner than later.

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